HSK Exam Dates 2023

November 02, 2022

The HSK is the internationally recognized Mandarin Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers.

Taking the HSK can be beneficial to Chinese learners for several reasons, such as increasing your chances of landing a job in China or a scholarship at a Chinese university.

If you're planning to take the HSK in 2023, below are the 2023 dates for both the paper-based HSK and the computer-based HSK. And if you need help preparing for your HSK, check out Culture Yard's HSK preparatory classes here.

When Are the 2023 HSK Exam Dates?

Paper-Based HSK Exam Dates 2023

Test Date Deadline of Test Registration Score announcement
January 7 (Sat) December 11 (2022) February 14
March 18 (Sat) February 19 April 18
April 9 (Sun) March 13 May 16
May 14 (Sun) April 17 June 14
Jun 11 (Sun) May 15 July 11
Jul 16 (Sun) June 19 August 16
August 20 (Sun) July 24 September 20
September 16 (Sat) August 20 October 23
October 15 (Sun) September 18 November 15
November 18 (Sat) October 22 December 18
December 3 (Sun) November 6 January 3 (2024)

Computer-Based HSK Exam Dates 2023

Test Date Deadline of Test Registration Score announcement
January 7 (Sat) December 28 (2022) January 30
March 18 (Sat) March 8 April 10
April 9 (Sun) March 30 April 24
May 14 (Sun) May 4 May 29
Jun 11 (Sun) June 1 June 26
Jul 16 (Sun) July 6 August 1
August 20 (Sun) August 10 September 4
September 16 (Sat) September 6 October 9
October 15 (Sun) October 5 October 30
November 18 (Sat) November 8 December 4
December 3 (Sun) November 23 December 18

If you plan to take the HSK on any of these 2023 dates, you can register for your exam on the Hanban website.

    Things to Keep In Mind:

  • The HSK exam is available in three formats: paper-based, internet-based at the centre, and internet-based at home, though the latter is only offered in very few countries.
  • The HSK exam does not test your speaking skills. If you wish to evaluate your spoken Chinese level, check out the exam dates for the HSK Speaking Test in 2023 here.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some test centres may choose to implement safety measures such as a nucleic acid test. Be sure to call your test centre to confirm as it may vary from one region to another.

What Is the HSK Exactly?

The HSK exam stands for “Hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì” (汉语水平考试), and it is the official Chinese proficiency exam for testing non-native Chinese speakers’ Chinese level. It is offered by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, also known as Hanban.

The current HSK is divided into nine levels, which include the old six levels and the newer HSK 7-9 which was launched very recently. The initial HSK Level One to Six aim to evaluate students’ ability to communicate fluently in everyday life, while in addition to that, the new HSK 7-9 are also meant to test candidates translation skills.

The HSK exam may be required for enrolling at Chinese universities, and holding a passing certificate for some of the upper-level exams may also help acquire work or during the visa application process.

HSK Level Vocabulary Required Cumulative Vocabulary
HSK 1 150 150
HSK 2 150 300
HSK 3 300 600
HSK 4 600 1200
HSK 5 1300 2500
HSK 6 2500 5000
HSK 7-9 5636 10636

Want to know more about the HSK? Here is an introduction to the HSK exam.

Where Can I Take the 2023 HSK Exam in China?

Multiple testing centres are available in every province in China. To register, log into the Hanban website and select your test date, the HSK exam level you wish to take, and the test centre that is most convenient for you.

    Need guidance on registering? If you are a Culture Yard student, contact the office for assistance. If you prefer to handle your HSK exam registration yourself, check out “How to Sign Up for the HSK".

>Where Can I Take the 2023 HSK Exam Outside China?

Other than in China, The HSK exam is available in 62 countries worldwide. If you live outside of China and want to take the HSK in 2023, you can follow the same registration steps as candidates in China by logging into chinesetest.cn, selecting your country of residence and the testing centre closest to you.

A handful of overseas test centres also offer the internet-based Home Edition HSK since April 2020, for candidates that meet specific requirements for remote HSK.

Here is a guide published by Hanban regarding at-home HSK exams

List of countries where you can take the HSK in 2023

1. China 1. Estonia 1. Egypt 1. Brazil 1. Australia
2. Pakistan 2. Austria 2. Togo 2. Bolivia 2. New Zealand
3. Bahrain 3. Belarus 3. Ghana 3. The Dominican Republic
4. Republic of Korea 4. Bulgaria 4. Gabon 4. Ecuador
5. Laos 5. Belgium 5. Rwanda 5. Colombia
6. Lebanon 6. Denmark 6. Morocco 6. Cuba
7. Malaysia 7. Germany 7. South Africa 7. Canada
8. Japan 8. Russia 8. Nigeria 8. U.S.A.
9. Sri Lanka 9. France 9. Zambia 9. Peru
10. Thailand 10. The Netherlands 10. Mexico
11. Turkey 11. Czech 11. Jamaica
12. Iran 12. Croatia
13. Indonesia 13. Latvia
14. Vietnam 14. Lithuania
15. Romania
16. Macedonia
17. Portugal
18. Sweden
19. Switzerland
20. Serbia
21. Cyprus
22. Slovenia
23. Ukraine
24. Spain
25. Greece
26. Hungary
27. Italy
28. U.K.

List of countries offering HSK Home Edition in 2023

A handful of overseas test centers also offer the internet-based Home Edition HSK since April 2020, for candidates that meet specific requirements for remote HSK. Please go to the registration page on chinesetest.cn to find out which test centers have servers available for the HSK Home Edition.

1. Georgia 1. Ireland 1. Argentina 1. Australia
2. Malaysia 2. Austria 2. Brazil
3. Saudi Arabia 3. Bulgaria 3. Puerto Rico
4. Sri Lanka 4. Denmark 4. Ecuador
5. Thailand 5. Germany 5. Colombia
6. Indonesia 6. Russia 6. Canada
7. France 7. U.S.A.
8. The Netherlands 8. Chile
9. Latvia
10. Romania
11. Sweden
12. Slovenia
13. Ukraine
14. Greece
15. Italy
16. U.K.

Is the 'New' HSK Exam Available in 2023?

No, these 2023 HSK exam dates are for not for the new HSK. The only published date for the new HSK was November 26, 2022, which was only available for the new HSK 7-9. The 2023 exam dates for the new HSK are yet to be released.

Here is some information about the new HSK and when we can expect the ‘new’ exams.

How Much Does the HSK 2023 Exam Cost?

The cost of taking the HSK depends on which level you sign up for:
HSK7-9 CNY1000

How Can I Prepare For the 2023 HSK?

You look ready to go! Click here to learn more about Culture Yard's HSK preparation courses.

We wish you all the best of luck! 加油!