Tips for Learning Mandarin Chinese on Zoom

July 03, 2022

Over the past several years, Zoom has become the reigning video call platform for everything from family reunions to webinars to training programs. As such, many Chinese language schools have also turned to Zoom to offer their Chinese lessons to students all over the world. Here is everything you need to know before signing up for Chinese classes over Zoom.

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Pros of Learning Chinese via Zoom

1) Learning Chinese via Zoom is flexible

No matter where you are in the world, you can always have access to Chinese lessons if you study Chinese via Zoom! You can choose from a Chinese school in your home country, or you can study with teachers based in China—there is a world of possibilities that are open to you.

Zoom also allows you to record class sessions. With this feature, if you have to miss a class during your course, the teacher can send you the recording. You can watch it when you have time and keep up with your classmates!

2) Zoom is versatile

If you choose to study Chinese online, Zoom is a great platform on which to do it because of the many features available. Teachers can share their screen with students, which is an excellent way for teachers to take students through the learning material. Zoom also offers “breakout rooms” in which teachers can split up larger classes into smaller groups for discussion and group work.

The whiteboard feature is also a useful tool for demonstrating stroke order and practicing characters.

Additionally, Zoom offers many features such as timers, filters, and more that would help to engage children who are learning Chinese. Many adults will find such tools fun and useful as well!

3) You don’t need Zoom to study Chinese on Zoom

That’s right, folks. If you cannot or do not want to download yet another app, you can join Zoom right from your internet browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, for example). Just go to the Zoom website and enter the Zoom meeting information.

Cons of Learning Chinese via Zoom

1) Zoom requires good internet

Let’s face it: Chinese internet can be spotty at times. If you are located in China and do not have one of the major internet providers in China (think China Unicom, China Telecom, or China Mobile), it is likely that Zoom will be glitchy.

While Culture Yard’s teachers all have China Unicom internet, you should double check which internet provider you are using. One alternative to a poor Wi-Fi connection is to use mobile data on your phone, though this can be fairly costly in the long-term if you do not have a good data package.

If you are located elsewhere in the world, having a stable internet connection is just as important for taking Chinese classes on Zoom! Find out which internet providers have the best reputation and find a low-cost package—this will ensure you get the best results from your Zoom Chinese lessons.

2) Technical difficulties

We all know the horror of realizing too late that you were not on mute or delivering your entire well-prepared speech while stuck as the potato filter.

This is a danger for any gathering taking place on Zoom, and the only advice we have for you is to double check your settings—triple check them, even.

As for filters, log on early if possible and make sure no one accidentally turned on the bunny ears since you last used your Zoom!

How to Make the Most of your Chinese Lessons on Zoom

When it comes to Chinese learning, you get out what you put in. Make sure to keep up your progress by reviewing between your lessons and practicing as much as you can outside of class.

You can practice by using Chinese learning apps such as Memrise and DuShu, among others.

You should also take every opportunity to speak Chinese, whether with your classmates, coworkers, or even strangers! Whatever you do, you don’t want to set yourself back by making these mistakes that many Chinese learners make!

Zoom also offers a Chinese-language version, which you can use if you want to practice your reading skills.

zoom language options

General Tips for Learning Chinese via Zoom

First and foremost, have a goal in mind for your Chinese lessons. Whether you want to learn Chinese for fun, for work, or to take the HSK exam, having a goal to work towards is important. It will keep you motivated when the going gets tough (and trust us, it can get tough) and will help you to measure your progress along the way.

Additionally, if you are not a Chinese beginner, knowing your level is crucial. You can save lots of time and money by starting off at most suitable level for you, without going over material you already know or skipping past material you’ve not yet learned.


If you have decided you want to study Chinese on Zoom, we commend you on your choice! Zoom, while not perfect, is an excellent platform for studying Chinese. As long as you continue to review and practice Chinese outside of your Zoom lessons, you will surely see progress.

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