Top 5 Chinese Pickup Lines

June 19, 2019

"Chinese pickup lines?" you ask. "Why would I need to know Chinese pickup lines?"

Picture this:


You and your friends are out on the town, enjoying the beautiful Beijing evening.

Suddenly, you see the most gorgeous human being you have ever laid eyes on. They are sitting down at the table next to you!

You excuse yourself to go check the mirror. Your hair is on point, and you are really feeling the outfit.

Chinese pickup lines: Beijing nightlife

Time to go introduce yourself-in Chinese!


To help you successfully get your heartthrob’s WeChat, we consulted the experts and compiled some conversation starters:

Chinese Pickup Line 01


Nǐ hǎo, nǐ de jiǔ kànqǐlái hěn bùcuò, qǐngwèn nǐ hē de shì shénme?
Hey, your drink looks good. Can I ask what you are drinking?

This is best for when you’re both sober, our experts advise.

Chinese pickup lines: what are you drinking

Chinese Pickup Line 02

If your crush is sitting with their friends but there is an empty seat next to them, walk over, put your hand on the back of the chair and say:


Nǐ hǎo, zhè bǎ yǐzi yǒu méiyǒu rén zuò a?
Hi, is anyone sitting here?


Since you have already seen that the seat is empty, they will usually say “no”. You can then continue with:


这里如果没有人坐, 我能和你坐一会儿吗?

Zhèlǐ rúguǒ méiyǒu rén zuò, wǒ néng hé nǐ zuò yīhuǐ'er ma?
If there is no one sitting here, may I sit with you for a bit?

Chinese pickup lines: is this seat taken


Chinese Pickup Line 03

Take note of what they are wearing. As you are passing, lean over and compliment them.


Nǐ zhīdào ma, wǒ juédé nǐ de____shì zuì hǎokàn de!
I just wanted to say, your ______ is beautiful!


Fill in the blank with your choice of clothing. You can also mention their eyes, hair, etc.

Choose something appropriate-don't be weird about it.

Chinese pickup lines: compliment them

Chinese Pickup Line 04


Néng bāng wǒmen pāi gè zhào ma?
Can you help us take a photo?

We recommend that you use this one when you are with a group friends.If they say yes, have your soon-to-be lover use your phone to take the photo. This gives you the perfect opening to complement their photography skills! 📸

Chinese pickup lines: take a photo

Chinese Pickup Line 05

If you are feeling very confident, you can be a little bolder.


Nǐ hǎo, wǒ xiǎng gēn nǐ jiāo gè péngyǒu, zánmen jiā gè wēixìn ba.
Hey, I would like to make friends with you. Let's connect on WeChat.


Your crush may be wary of adding a stranger’s WeChat, so exercise caution with this one.

Chinese Pickup Lines: add wechat

Many thanks to 九龄 and Chao for their suggestions!


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