Live Online Mandarin Chinese Classes

Language is human. That’s why all our online Mandarin classes are real-time, live with instructors and classmates. We believe in learning language by communicating, understanding the cultural context, and supporting each other through a warm and encouraging community. Nothing pre-recorded here.

Our Courses

Learn to speak Chinese like a native or prepare for your HSK exam. Not sure you are ready to sign-up? Join our free weekly topic-based class and try it for yourself.

Who We Are

Based out of a beautiful traditional courtyard in Beijing, our team consists of passionate local educators and an international team of Chinese-speaking language enthusiasts. We have mastered Chinese from zero and now we are helping others to do it too. Culture Yard has been around since 2009 and has won multiple awards.

Our Teachers

We believe that you can't learn a language by repetition and memorization only. Instead, our teachers will encourage you to ask questions, have real conversations and introduce the cultural context in which the language is used. Meet our teachers, who will share their passion for the Chinese language and culture with you.


“I've been taking Chinese classes online with Culture Yard for about two months. My teacher is so much fun and does a great job of keeping her students engaged through explanations of history of characters, and even jokes! She also explains grammar concepts in thoughtful ways and uses additional resources, not just the textbook.”

Rebecca French, USA

“Studying at Culture Yard has enhanced my expat experience tenfold. It is so satisfying when a local Beijinger smiles with joy when you can communicate with them in Chinese… The teaching style is geared toward Western learning standards, which makes learning accessible. No drills, no rote memorization. Instead, the gifted teachers are patient and teach practical communication skills. Culture Yard’s technique and attitude are second to none. Highly recommend!”

Annie Markway, USA

“Fantastic school that provides a high standard level of education. I’ve finished the beginner level in 1 month and already am able to understand the basics and can arrange some things in a restaurant. Definitely will go for a few more levels to improve my Chinese language skills.”

Sergiy Pudich, Ukraine

Our Community

We at Culture Yard are a community. Through our classes, students forge friendships with people from all over the world. Teachers, staff, and classmates come together via WeChat in our large school group as well as smaller class groups to practice Chinese, keep each other accountable for homework, share life advice, and offer encouragement.