How to Sign Up for the HSK and Check Your HSK Score

September 07, 2021

Need guidance registering for the HSK exam? This article has the answers you need!

Please note you must sign up for your exam through the official government website 2-4 weeks in advance.

How do I sign up for the HSK?

Step 1: Create an account.

Open Firefox or Chrome. (These browsers are the most compatible. Internet Explorer no longer supports the registration website.)

Go to and create an account with your email address.

The website is also offered in six other languages. Select your preferred language at the top of the webpage.

Step 2: Go to the Registration page. Once you have your account set up and are logged in, click on “Register Now” on the landing page or “Test Registration” in the top menu.

Step 3: Choose your test.

The “Chinese” tab is the regular HSK exam. Then, select the level you wish to take.

Click “Register”.

__Step 4: Fill out your location information and select your test center. __

The HSK is available all over the world. Once you select your country and region, pick the HSK test center of your choice from the list of test centers in your area.

Step 5: Choose your test format.

The HSK is available in three formats: the in-person on-paper test, or "paper-based at the center" exam, the in-person online test, also called "internet-based at the center" exam, and the online "At Home" Edition.

Each time you pick a test center, the HSK format options will vary. This means that test centers may only offer one or two of the three HSK test formats.

In case you are in a region where in-person HSK test centers have not yet reopened or prefer to take your HSK at home, you can select the “At Home” edition. Please note that the availability of the "At Home" exam varies by location. You should contact the local exam center in charge of "At Home" exams and inquire about the requirements and regulations as they vary from a country to another.

Another note: If you are in China, the options for this part are only in Chinese.

taking the HSK: where can I take it

__Step 6: Fill out your personal information. __

You will need to confirm your phone number by clicking the “验证手机” button and clicking “Get Code”. You will receive a code via text message to enter in the field labelled “验证码”. Then click “提交”.

Just a little longer now— you are almost finished!

Register for HSK personal information

Step 7: Upload a photo of your beautiful self.

First, click “Select photo”. Second, click “Cutting”. Crop your photo. Third, click “Complete”.

Your photo should be 2-inch ID photo in a JPG format that is no more than 100KB.

Once the listed requirements are met, scroll down and click “Next Step”.

Register for HSK upload a photo next step

Step 8: Confirm your information.

On the confirmation page, make sure all your information is correct. This is very important for testing day! If it all looks good, confirm your registration.

Step 9: Pay.

(Be warned, this part is all in Chinese. Again, if your Chinese is still developing, you may want to enlist the help of a Chinese-speaking friend.)

Both WeChat Pay and Alipay are available on the website, which makes the payment process much easier than before.

Once payment is complete, a confirmation screen will appear. That’s it—you’re all done!

I made a mistake! Can I change my information?

Yes, you can change the test center/level, edit your personal information, or cancel the test altogether before you pay the registration fee.

Once you have paid the registration fee, you cannot edit personal info or change the test center or level.

Can I change my HSK exam date?

Yes, you can change the test date ONCE up to 10 days before the exam, but cannot cancel.

Your HSK exam date can be changed for free 27 days or more before the original test date.

If your HSK exam date is less than 27 days but more than 10 days away, you can change your HSK exam date and pay 30% of the test fee.

Less than 10 days until exam, no changes can be made.

When do I get my HSK admission ticket?

The HSK admission ticket is usually available on the registration page two weeks to a few days before your HSK.

How do I get my HSK admission ticket?

You can log in to your Personal Information Center to print out the ticket.

In the menu on the left, select the “Print” option under the “Test Taker Information” section. Then, select “Print (Chinese)”. Finally, click “Print”.

What do I bring on HSK testing day?

If you are taking the paper-based test, bring pencils and an eraser, your admission ticket, and your passport. If you are taking the computer-based test, bring your admission ticket and your passport. You are not allowed to have anything on the table with you—not even a water bottle.

Taking the HSK no food or drinks allowed

When can I check my HSK grade?

Grades become available online one month after the test date.

If you want a physical certificate, printed official test score reports will be available at the test center about 2 months after the test date. You can get the report by presenting your passport and admission ticket at the test center.

In some countries, including in China, test centers can also mail your physical certificate to, in which case you will be charged the mailing fee. You can also have multiple copies if you wish, but only one is free charge, any extra copies of the HSK certificate will cost additional fees.

How do I check my HSK results?

Go to and enquire.

Not sure what your Ticket Number is? Go to your Personal Information Center.

The ticket number is the Test Entry Card Number.

HSK Test entry card number

Remember: the most important thing is that you pass. The exact grade does not carry as much weight.

Congrats: you know everything there is to know about signing up for the HSK and checking your HSK score! Now go hit the books and keep studying Chinese!