Online Chinese Courses

Culture Yard offers online Mandarin Chinese lessons including online private 1on1 Chinese classes and online HSK group courses via Zoom, all live with professional Chinese teachers from China. See which learning options suit your needs below.

New HSK 6 Online Course (Hybrid)

This fast-paced HSK 6上 course is a combination of pre-recorded video lessons and weekly live Zoom sessions.

In this course, you will watch the explanatory videos at your leisure in advance of the live Zoom session for the week.

During the live Zoom sessions, you will have the opportunity to participate in discussions on the topic of the latest unit and ask any questions you may have after watching the videos.

Check out a preview of our online HSK 6上 hybrid course.

Duration: 20 weeks
Price: ¥6000 (~940USD)
Class size: 2-6 students
Next course opening: May 2022

Online Group HSK Courses

Prepare for your HSK exam quickly and effectively with other dedicated classmates via Zoom. Courses open monthly on a fixed schedule.

  • In-house designed course materials with supplementary course material from the HSK 标准教程 series
  • Courses available for HSK levels 1-5
  • Miss a class or want to review – we will send you the class recording
  • Study in a small group of 3-6 students
  • PDF textbooks, workbooks, and mock tests included
  • Course completion certificate upon request
  • Also available on a private basis
Level Length Price
HSK 1 30 hours (~7 weeks) ¥2400 (~380USD)
HSK 2 30 hours (~7 weeks) ¥2400 (~380USD)
HSK 3 60 hours (~15 weeks) ¥4800 (~760USD)
HSK 4 上/下 60 hours each (~15 weeks) ¥4800 (~760USD) each
HSK 5 上/下 60 hours each (~15 weeks) ¥4800 (~760USD) each
  • Courses do not include the HSK exam
  • USD prices are for reference only. If you prefer to pay in a currency other than RMB, fees will be calculated according to the most recent exchange rate.
  • Each class session is 100 minutes (two “class hours”) long.

Click here to test your HSK knowledge

Not familiar with the HSK? The HSK exam is similar to the CEFR for measuring language proficiency. Check out the different HSK levels, proficiency skills, and the required vocabulary for each:

HSK Level Vocabulary Required Cumulative Vocabulary Skills
HSK 1 150 150 Understand and use basic words and phrases
HSK 2 150 300 Communicate simply on daily topics
HSK 3 300 600 Communicate on most basic topics related to life, work, and study
HSK 4 600 1200 Discuss a wide range of topics fluently in common situations
HSK 5 1300 2500 Read Chinese newspapers and magazines and watch Chinese TV and movies
HSK 6 2500 5000 Understand most of what you read and hear and can express yourself fluently

Online Private 1on1 Chinese Classes

If you are interested in studying Chinese at your own pace, studying with friends, or customizing your coursework, we offer private classes on a 1-on-1, 1-on-2, and 3+ basis.

Schedule your classes at the times that work for you, with no wait time! Use our free class scheduling software to view teacher availability and book your Chinese classes directly.

Class Size Price
1-on-1 150RMB (~24USD) / hour
1-on-2 115RMB (~18USD) / hour
3+ 80RMB (~13USD) / hour
  • Minimum purchase 10 hours.
  • New students may request a free 20-minute trial class.
  • USD prices are for reference only. If you prefer to pay in a currency other than RMB, fees will be calculated according to the most recent exchange rate.

Introduction to Chinese Characters Online Group Course

During this short online Chinese characters course, you will learn the origins of characters, the correct way to write Chinese characters, and the writing blocks that comprise them (radicals + stroke order). In addition, you will master more than 70 of the most common Chinese characters.

This course is designed for students who learned Pinyin but have not learned characters. Beginners are also welcome.

This course is delivered in English.

Length: 6 hours
Cost: ¥480 (~75USD)

Free Weekly Online Chinese Classes

Try out online Chinese learning, get to know our teachers, meet fellow students, and learn some useful Chinese for daily use. All from the comfort of your own home, all for free!

Topics change weekly and include Introduction to Chinese characters and pronunciation; daily Chinese for life in China, such as taking a taxi and ordering food; Chinese culture classes; business Chinese; HSK classes, and much more.

To join our Free Classes group, message us "Free Classes" on WeChat (@ cultureyardoffice) or click below to join on Facebook!