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Study a structured Chinese curriculum with experienced teachers, either 1on1 or in a small group. All lessons follow textbooks plus in-house designed PPTs.

Before you start your course, you will take a short online level evaluation to find the best level for you. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced student, we can tailor-make your Chinese learning experience to suit your specific needs.

What will you learn?

Whatever your goal, your Chinese teacher will help you achieve it! While all lessons are based on established Chinese textbooks and in-house designed PPTs, your teacher will work with you to tailor your classes to you.
  • Learn to speak Chinese like a native speaker
  • Strengthen Chinese character recognition
  • Improve your Chinese pronunciation
  • Prepare for the HSK exam

Who is your teacher?

No matter who you study with at Culture Yard, your online Chinese teacher is highly qualified in teaching Chinese as a second language! All Culture Yard teachers have at least 10 years of Chinese teaching experience and an advanced degree in Chinese as a Second Language teaching.

Online Chinese Tutors

How it Works

Once you get in touch, we will match you with the best teacher for your personal needs and goals. If you have studied Chinese before, you will take a short online level evaluation to find the most suitable level for you.

Online Chinese Teachers

Pricing and Timing

Private classes come in 10-hour packages (24USD/hour) or 30-hour packages (23USD/hour). You can choose the times that suit you best by using our online scheduling platform.
Hours Price per hour Total cost
10 hours 24USD 240USD
30 hours 23USD 690USD

We also have group courses available on set schedules.

**Please note that each class hour is 50 minutes (ex. 09:00-09:50)

What our students say about us

“My teacher is so much fun and does a great job of keeping her students engaged... She also explains grammar concepts in thoughtful ways and uses additional resources, not just the textbook.”

Rebecca, USA

Rebecca online Chinese tutor

“The teaching style is geared toward Western learning standards, which makes learning accessible. No drills, no rote memorization. Instead, the teachers are patient and teach practical communication skills. Culture Yard’s technique and attitude are second to none. Highly recommend!”

Annie, USA

Annie online Chinese teacher

“Fantastic school that provides a high standard level of education. I’ve finished the beginner level in 1 month and already am able to understand the basics... Definitely will go for a few more levels to improve my Chinese language skills.”

Sergiy, Ukraine

Sergiy online Mandarin teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the classes for?
We offer classes for non-native adults and children, as well as for heritage speakers. 

What will I learn?
We teach all four aspects of the Chinese language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Your teacher will design an individual study plan for you depending on your personal study goals. 

Do you have Chinese classes for advanced students?
Yes, we do. Many of our students are advanced Mandarin speakers who take classes with us for professional reasons or to keep up with their Chinese. 

Do you offer group classes?
We offer both 1on1 and group classes. Group classes are offered on the HSK track and open once enough people are enrolled on a certain level. Group size is 3-6 students. 

What materials are used?
We use in-house designed materials in addition to some of the commonly used materials on the market: the HSK Standard Course (HSK 标准教程) series and Experiencing Chinese: Living in China (体验汉语:生活篇) series. 

Can you help me prepare for the HSK and HSKK?
Yes, we have over 10 years of experience preparing students for all levels of the HSK and HSKK exmas with amazing results. 

What level can I reach with your school?
Using our curriculum you can go all the way from 0 to fluency in Chinese. We can't promise it will be easy, but will definitely be worth it! 

Do you offer trial classes?
Yes, simply contact us and we will arrange a free 20-minute trial class for you. 

What platform is used for classes?
We teach classes via Zoom. If you have a preference for a different platform, let us know and we will try to accommodate it.

What schedules are available?
Classes are offered between 6AM and 10PM Beijing time. 

How do I schedule classes?
We use a simple to use online scheduling software that you can use to schedule, reschedule, or cancel your classes. 

Who are the teachers?
All Culture Yard teachers are native Chinese speakers who are trained and devoted to teaching Chinese to non-native and heritage speakers as their primary occupation.  

The average Culture Yard teacher has over 10 years of experience and has been teaching with Culture Yard for more than 6 years. 

How much are classes?
Private classes are 23-30 USD per 50 minute class. Group classes are 13 USD per 50 minutes. 

What Payment Methods do you accept?
We accept WeChat, Alipay, PayPal or bank transfer. 

Do you offer classes for companies, organisations or large groups?
Yes, we can arrange classes for corporates and large groups. We can also provide an invoice or a fapiao. Get in touch by clicking the button below or email us at

I am interested, what now?
Click the button below, leave us your contact information, and our study advisor will be in touch with you shortly!