Is it Better to Study Chinese Online Privately or in a Group?

July 24, 2022

If you are wondering whether to study Chinese in a group or privately 1on1, you are not alone.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both and it is one of the most common questions we are asked at Culture Yard.

Let's explore the benefits of private Chinese vs group Chinese classes and hopefully it will help you make a more informed decision.

Benefits of Studying Chinese in a Group

A) Accountability

If you are a competitive person (like me), studying Chinese with other classmates can help you stay motivated so you can strive to be ahead of your class. Even if you are not very competitive, knowing that other students are making progress will help you keep up with the rest.

B) Meeting New Friends

The social aspect of studying with fellow students is often underrated. Whether you are studying Chinese online or offline, people who study together and share the same goal often become friends for life.

C) Learning from Others

Another great benefit of learning with classmates is that you learn from each other. Each student will have their own strengths, mistakes and questions, and a group setting that allows other students to learn from each other’s questions and mistakes.

D) It is Cheaper to Study in a Group

Studying Chinese in a group setting is also cheaper than studying privately. If money is an issue, this can be an important consideration in choosing group classes.

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Benefits from Studying Chinese in 1on1 Private Classes

A) Time Flexibility

When you take 1on1 classes, you can arrange those classes around your schedule and make the best use of your time. This is not only suitable for busy professionals, but also for those who know exactly what time in the day they are the most focused and productive.

B) Individual Focus

There are two ways that you get more individual attention in 1on1 Chinese classes. Firstly, the teacher can plan for your specific learning goals, whether it is preparing for a job interview or for a trip in China. Secondly, each student has an individual learning style and in a 1on1 class, a teacher can more easily adjust to your unique learning style without having to take other students into account.

C) More Speaking Time

The fewer people in a class, the more opportunity each student will have to speak. Therefore, in a private class where it is just you and a teacher, you will have ample opportunity to practice your speaking and your Chinese pronunciation.

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So should you choose Chinese private 1on1 courses or group courses?

Above we have covered the main benefits of private Chinese and group Chinese classes. If you are still undecided, ask yourself the following questions. If you are fully honest with your answers, this can help you make the final decision:

Can you commit to a long-term, regular schedule? Are you short on money right now? Do you thrive in a competitive environment?

If the answer is yes for one or more of the above, group classes are probably the better fit for you.

Do you have a specific goal you want to achieve that is very individual to you? Are you short on time and want to make very quick progress? Do you learn best with a lot of personal attention?

If the answer is yes for one or more of the above, then private classes are more suitable for you.

Finally, if you really want to have all the benefits and none of the drawbacks, join a group class and take some private Chinese classes in addition!


Choosing between studying Chinese in a group setting or getting private 1on1 classes is a question that many students consider when taking Chinese classes. While there are many benefits to both, the choice between private and group classes is very individual and depends on your budget, goals and learning style. I hope that we gave you some clarity in your decision making and that you make the best decision for you!

Post contributed by Ilya